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Null's Clash

Null's Clash is a CoC unofficial server based on the latest game version. Build the strongest base ever!

v11.651.10 ARM x86
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Null's Brawl

The world first Brawl Stars private server with working PvP battles! Play with your friends using any brawlers you want.

v22.99 ARM
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Null's Royale

Well, Null's Royale is just Null's Royale, nothing to add here. The most ridiculous duel.

v2.9 ARM x86
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You won't feel alone when playing on servers. Create your own clan or join some and chat with other players. You shouldn't be toxic by the way.

  • There are more than 750K clans
  • More than 100K active players every day
  • More than 300K battles are played every day

PvP and trophies system

Every server have working multiplayer and trophies system. Play with other players, win and reach the first place in the leaderboard!

Server commands

Servers have some special commands that will help you during the game. Type "/help" in the game chat to get more info.

Fast updates

Server updates are released as fast as possible so you can use latest game features without any problems.

Do you have any questions?

There is a community forum where you can ask anything regarding servers and even more. But try not to spam there, it is not a good place to do so.

What's else? Don't forget to read the rules!

There are some simple rules that you should follow while playing on servers.